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ENGpm Professional Medical Cannabis Business Consultancy


Stage One: The Plan


ENGpm’s Medical Cannabis Business Plan Development Process




Our cannabis business planning process is intense, highly collaborative and thorough. Access and timing are essential to understanding the key drivers of your medical organization, is business fundamentals and growth aspirations are essential.  We understand that you are very busy and we will use ‘Skype for Business’ to drive down costs and to communicate ‘daily’, to ensure ‘we get it right’.


During our business planning process, we will work with you and your team focuses, refine, and dynamically crystallize your medical cannabis medical practice / business model. Our goal is identify your most profitable way for you to care for your patients, fine-tune your marketing plan, and improve your revenue projections. We will provide you with an ‘objective view’, so your final cannabis business plan makes a statement that is based on medical and regulatory realities, that exudes confidence, medical professionalism and creativity.


Stage Two: Technology Development


ENGpm will that your Medical Cannabis Intellectual Property has the following essential elements to ensure efficient medical care for Cannabis patients throughout North America.  We believe that we can create applications that can ‘capture a professional medical interest’, ‘enhance patient care, enhance patient client retentions’ and create ‘revenue generating escalations’ through technology licensing and ‘app’ download sales. 


ENGpm’s business plan process will help you allow you the opportunity to leverage your ‘Intellectual Property’ and monetize a technical solution that defines your Medical Cannabis Multi-Media Medical Professional Corporation.  


ENGpm has defined these basic application needs that will provide a great ‘app experience’ for your patients, the Medical Community, and allow professional interactions, that are essential functionality requirements.  There is no useful or complimentary Cannabis Medical Technology solution available to patients or for physicians at this time;


#1 • Simplicity for the end user

#2 • Both iOS and Android should be covered

#3 • High performance

#4 • Security

#5 • Offline Work Functionality

#6 • Regular Medical Cannabis Updates

#7 • Interactive Client-Physician Communications

#8 • Personalization ‘Patient Care’ Options and Services

#9 • Medical Cannabis Scientific Search Functionality

#10 • Analytics: Data Analysis & Research Opportunities

#11 • Social Media Integrations: Non-Profit PTSD Support Groups (example).

-      Our ENGpm technology solution is rather simple: a good mobile application is the one that fully satisfies the end user's needs, and does it quickly and effectively, quite often in a matter of several clicks. It might do just one or a 100 things … but do them all exceptionally well.

Stage Three: Implementation Phase


Implementation of the strategic Medical Cannabis Business Plan is the most important and most difficult part of the process. The operational planning processes must be aligned at all levels of the organization. ENGpm’s approach is to connect all departments, functions, units and people to the vision and strategic directions of the Medical organization for complete alignment.


Obtaining the Cannabis Medical Wellness Solutions you envision is possible … with the right team supporting you and an exceptional plan. It is not enough anymore to just be good at what you do. You need to know where you are going and what success will look like when you get there.

Developing an effective strategic and operational plan for your Professional Medical Business Requires a complete understanding of the Cannabis market you intend to operate in and the Cannabis industry trends along with regularity changes that may affect your business now and in the future.

Successful implementation of your Cannabis plan requires alignment of all the components of your organization … people, process and technology …to support and promote the achievement of your vision.

ENGpm has the energy and clever Associates who are experience in facilitating strategic and operational planning processes with clients in the Cannabis sector. Our comprehensive approach is designed to:

  • Create meaningful, realistic, and results-oriented strategic and operational plans
  • Innovative  … leading edge, not bleeding edge, technology implementation tools and solutions
  • Our goal is to develop synergy between the  stages and phases so implementation becomes straightforward, allowing for positive change to occur faster
  • We will also provide you with clarity and object realities to help you establish priorities and make difficult, strategic decisions
  • Our primary goal is to create a ‘Medical Cannabis Wellness Environment’ that is necessary to encourage and support stakeholder commitment and sustain long-lasting and successful change.


Please connect on LinkedIn with  RJ Irwin or Ekaterina Tsatsko