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Suspension of Iranian Business Activities

-  With the election of President Trump, the likelihood of Canada opening an Embassy in Tehran in the foreseeable future is highly unlikely.  

- Canadian companies wanting to work with Iranian companies need direct Embassy support to facilitation bilateral trade (i.e. Iranian Biometric Visa support,  CA business trade mission support and new Canadian business development grants)

- will continue to foster strong cultural and business relations with Iranian approved vendors.

- At we are deeply saddened by Trump's "America First" policies.

- At we respect the Canadian Government's 'wait and see' approach in dealing with President Trump.


               ~ Make The Leap To Iran ~

Canada Is Contract Ready

Energia Nefta Gaz project management inc.

is a bilateral trade consultancy  

"What is good for Iran trade is good for Canadian exports."

Our Canadian and Tehran based business and engineering teams have a unique plan to reintroduce Oil & Gas Canadian manufacturing companies back into the Iranian market. Although Canadian Sanctions have been lifted (02.05.16), 'booty trap' barriers persist. EDC has yet to grant export guarantees nor is there a reboot of diplomatic relations with Iran.

We are committed to working; in an advisory capacity, to source equipment, build joint ventures and to offer facilitation services to Iranian principles interested in working with Canadian Clean Energy equipment manufactures, engineering and service companies.

ENGpm® is offering a timely opportunity to Iranian companies to partner with Canadians to ensure bilateral economic success. Alberta based manufacturing companies have the technology, ISO manufacturing capabilities and the international after-sales service expertise to ensure Iranian client success.  Our Canadian manufactures have historically partnered and supplied equipment to and is rebuilding relationships with NIOC / NIGC and the Ministry of Oil.

Iran has the opportunity to update its aging O & G infrastructure by reaching out to Canadian energy equipment manufactures and engineering teams.  New Iranian projects can benefit from Canada's technologically advanced engineered solution providers, who are willing to work with approved NIOC / NIGC vendors. Iranian approved Vendor's can reach out to Canada and ENGpm for oil & gas infrastructure improvement solutions. Interested parties can connect through email:

Working with the Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments, ENGpm® along with a delegation of 10 Canadian O & G equipment manufactures, service companies and engineering firms, will be heading to Tehran in May of 2017.

Canadian Energy Sector Companies: Please contact and join us on our 'Made in Canada' delegation business trip, heading to Tehran, in May 2017. Canada's low dollar; makes our technologies, equipment and services an exceptional value for our Iranian partners ... Canada is Contract Ready. - 1 Canadian Dollar equals 0.68 Euro // 1 Canadian Dollar equals 0.77 US Dollar (08.10.16).

Iranian Approved Vendor List manufacturers or a O & G service company: Please connect with directly.